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LIVESTAGE┬░ presents interactive on-demand concerts, enabling fans to choose in real-time between 360┬░ experiential vantage points and artist closeups. 360┬░ cameras allow fans to pan, tilt and zoom to explore the stage and the venue.


MyMusicCloud gets all your music to all your devices. Sync and play your music on every computer, phone, tablet and Connected TV - online or offline, no matter what operating system you have. Our solution works with your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Kindle, and more. delivers fresh music video content from hot new artists to the web, mobile devices and television. gives device makers and service providers a highly differentiated music offering without the hassle and high cost of traditional music licensing, while giving artists free HD music video content creation, a global audience, and 50 percent of the net profits.

Relevant Mobile

Relevant Mobile is a leading provider of mobile-centric CRM solutions since 2011, specializing in working with restaurants. Their holistic technology platform offers loyalty, guest feedback, direct marketing and payment solutions to help restaurants better understand and engage with their customers.


iJukebox allows customers in public venues, such as bars and restaurants, to choose which songs are played on the sound system via their mobile device. Similar to a traditional jukebox, customers pay for each song request and revenue is shared with the retailer.