Q&A: Tasha Choi Discusses Inspiration Behind Tackl


Tasha Choi, CEO of Tackl, took some time to answer a few questions
about her company and vision, as well as what she hopes to learn from the DEV
Korea Discovery Accelerator program.

Tackl, one of eight Korean companies receiving investment and participating in
the 2015 accelerator program in New York, provides a career development platform that allows companies
to evaluate students through participation in company projects. This service
helps students to get to know potential employers and provides another way for
companies to evaluate potential employees. Tasha, Tackl and the DEV Korea
Discovery Accelerator 2015 cohort will be presenting at the New York Tech
Meetup Afterparty on August 4 at New York University’s Skirball Center for the
Performing Arts, as well as at the DEV Korea Demo Day at the Microsoft
Technology Center on August 5.

Q: Tell us the inspiration
behind your company or idea.

A: As a student, I didn’t feel like there were many interactive career
resources or channels out there for university graduates. Later, after working for
several larger companies, I realized that there is also a sourcing problem on
their side. With the available technology and proven models of marketplaces
that connect two sides of the market, I think university recruiting can be done
much better.

What are
you working on for your company or product right now?

Product Development: We are developing our platform and planning to
launch our beta by the end of the summer.

User Acquisition: We are acquiring students to join the Tackl
community. It’s our biggest goal this summer!

Partnerships: We are planning to build more relationships with schools on
the East Coast.

What sets you apart from other similar

On the one hand, we reward students for being active on the job search rather
than labeling them as desperate. On the other, companies can now simplify the
university recruiting process while saving time and cost. Also, with Tackl, we
have changed the direction of communication. It’s not just students chasing
after companies. Now students can be chased after by companies.

What are you hoping to
learn or gain from your time in New York with the DEV Korea Discovery Fund team?

We want to learn about PR/marketing, the fundraising process,
improving our pitch, improving our business plan, and legal/tax advice.

What’s your favorite American

So many of them! I love everything from hot dog stands to new American