Digital Entertainment Ventures


Digital Entertainment Ventures (DEV) is an investing platform that focuses on early stage companies building transformative digital products. DEV was formed in New York in 2012, just as the city was entering a new tech renaissance, to take the lead as a venture investor in media and entertainment. Since then it has evolved into a global player that works with innovative ventures throughout the country and around the world, and provides them with access to its extensive business network in New York.

The DEV partners are veteran entrepreneurs who have built numerous businesses from the ground up as well as collectively advising or investing in over 100 ventures. DEV has made investments in an extensive portfolio of companies and accelerators through two funds and through its management company, and is a partner in third fund that will launch in 2016.


DEV Management

The DEV platform is administered by DEV Management whose members include the DEV partners and a group of strategic investors, each with their own extensive corporate, technology and investor networks.

In addition to working on multiple funds, DEV Management has made direct investments in selected companies. DEV actively supports portfolio companies by helping them grow and steering them towards a successful exit. Most recently Human Demand was sold to a leading online ad company.


DEV Korea

DEV has established a global profile with offices in Seoul’s vibrant Gangnam district. DEV provides investment and guidance for Korean ventures seeking US distribution and US startups that are ideal candidates to enter the Asian market.

The DEV Korea Discovery Fund is building an extensive portfolio of the most promising early stage Korean companies. Select companies are periodically invited to participate in a residency in New York to be introduced to the global marketplace.


DEV Accelerator

Business Accelerators have come to occupy a critical geography in the tech landscape. They are increasingly responsible for spawning successful businesses in a wide range of industries. DEV is an active participant in the accelerator ecosystem and is taking full advantage of the fertile opportunities to invest in this sector.

The DEV Accelerator Fund is financing hundreds of early stage companies, either directly or indirectly, by working with established U.S. and global accelerator programs.


RedBadge Pacific

Redbadge Pacific was founded on the principle that transformative ideas are a game-changer for a sustainable future. Grounded by a tradition of partnering with exceptional companies, Redbadge seeks to support entrepreneurs to scale businesses that have the potential to be transformational and create lasting value. Redbadge manages the Global Gateway Fund which is focused on investing and developing companies in Asia while also evaluating opportunities in other global economies looking to enter Asia thru strategic partnerships.